Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Scream Season 1 Review

So guys coming to the end of season 1 of the TV series Scream you will find out who the real killer is. Me, personally, was more than surprised that it was the innocent Piper. I guess all of you guys are thinking the same thing? Yes? No? If so you know where I am coming from when I say that it was draw dropping to see the killer lift the mask and reveal who it was! "Hey Sis" comes out of Piper's mouth telling you that Seth and Keiren are not the son of Brandon, but instead Piper being the daughter of Brandon. Mind blowing right?

Season 1 was more than intense! If you are a new watcher (Like I Am) you will find out quickly that the directors to this show will make you think it's one person but in reality, it actually isn't them. The show started out fantastic with all of the plots and the brutal deaths, you can not go wrong or waste any time watching this show! I also did just start Season 2 and in the first 2 episodes, let me tell you, it already is mind fucking me more than ever! I really do recommend you go watch the first season on Netflix. Rate:10/10 (Stay Tuned for Episode Reviews!)